About Us

We offer a bespoke service designing and manufacturing furniture to the very highest specification. Some modern systems are now used in furniture factories today and unfortunately traditional skills to some extent have disappeared. We have managed to keep these skills handed down from generations. We do however acknowledge that we need to move with the times and therefore not all furniture requires such attention and skill.

Each piece of furniture is hand crafted with most of our frames constructed from sustainable hardwoods, using traditionally glued screwed and dowelled methods for longevity. Vulnerable areas such as corners have solid blocks for extra strength and withstand years of normal daily use.


All fabrics are hand cut and pattern matched by our highly skilled cutter, along with matched piping, depending on fabric and design.
The range is available using customers own materials or alternatively we can help you select from our extensive range of fabrics. All fabrics are sewn by our machinists who take time to ensure everything is matched and ll cushions have concealed zips. Our team of upholsterers use their skills to tailor these fabrics over layers of fillings such as hessian, felts and high density foams and fibre to produce our final pieces of furniture.

We will work with any fabric or leather to tailor your furniture to our usual high standards.  Most designs have traditional mesh coil springs on steel laths for the seats with areas of heavy use having heavier gauge springs to retain shape and support. Other designs have serpentine springs due to restricted height
or depth of seat. Backs are mainly serpentine sprung. Depending on the design and level of comfort required cushion fillings vary from high density foams and fibres through to dequilled feather.


Please consider the type of comfort and look you require when selecting cushion interiors.  Feathers for instance require more maintenance and plumping than a fibre wrap interior.